Texas Conference is Getting creative!

Join us in brightening the conference with your artistic masterpieces during our "Show Us Your Art" initiative!

There are 2 ways to participate: 

1. Join us live every Wednesday evening at 6 pm for our art tutorials. take a picture of your 

    finished piece and send it to arivera@txsda.org. We'll share it on this page and on our social 


2. Enter our art contest! there are 10 words to work with. Make an art project based on the word

    you choose. Send a picture of your finished piece to arivera@txsda.org. Label your project in

    the subject line with your first name, age, and the word that you chose. We will post it on our

    page and on our social media. Children will get to vote for their favorites! Each of the 10 words

    has a different prize, so you can create as many projects as you like! We will choose winners at

    the end of each month. 

Show us your art word prompts

 Phone: 817-790-2255  /  1211 Hwy 67 W. Alvarado TX 76009  /  arivera@txsda.org

     Fax: 817-783-5266        PO Box 800 Alvarado TX 76009

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