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Take The Button Challenge!

Collect all six! This month complete the "smile challenge"

Share some smiles and the love of Jesus! Get some smiley face stickers or use a marker to draw smiley faces on the back of people’s hands and tell others that God loves them. Share a smile with 6 people you know and 6 people you do not know.  Don’t forget to pray with them after you share your smile.

Here are some examples of what you can say!

“Hello! I wanted to share a smile with you today. Jesus loves you! (Don’t forget to pray!)


“I hope you have a wonderful and happy day! God loves you and so do I” (Don’t forget to pray!)


“God has made me happy and I want you to be happy too! Here is a smile for you!” (Don’t forget to pray!)

How Can I Get My Buttons?

Complete the challenge and take a picture! Submit your picture and a short testimony about how you got involved with the challenge. Adults, be sure that kids are writing the testimony! You might just see your story on our webpage! Use the form below to submit your stories, then email the picture to If you are doing the challenge as a group, be sure to say how many buttons you would like sent to you!